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Cannabis & Ketamine Assisted SLIP™

No stigma. |  No drive. | No waiting rooms. |

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Safe, discreet psychedelic therapy 
in the comfort of your home. 

SLIP™ combines powerful somatic processing with a patent pending process that maximizes your psychedelic therapy.

SLIP™ increases your potential to heal deeply rooted emotional wounds, broken core beliefs, and the emotional triggers that make life difficult.

Medicine alone results in symptomatic improvement, but when the medicine wears off, the benefits are gone.

SLIP™ with cannabis or ketamine helps heal deep emotional wounds for lasting results.

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We treat the problem,
not the symptoms.

Traditional therapy leaves you triggered because it's directed toward the narrative description of trauma.

To be effective, the non-verbal aspects of trauma must be processed and integrated.

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Your SLIP Practitioner Can Help You 

Improve your emotional resilience and coherence

This is true relational therapy. Resilience and core wound healing allow for healing from toxic relationships

Strengthen Your Nervous System

Stress and trauma fragment your emotional resilience. Our goal is to build resilience so that you are more emotionally balanced

Calm your nervous system during and after sessions

Effects of therapy continue after the session as your nervous system integrates and learns from the session

Balance your nervous system

As you become more balanced, you become less hypervigilant, and you naturally feel more peace, calm, and happiness

Restore boundaries

Confidence in setting boundaries can be life changing for individuals who have previously felt powerless or unable to be fully self-expressed

Reduce and eliminate triggers 

Triggers resolve with deep healing of core belief wounds, attachment wounds, early childhood developmental wounds, and trauma associated survival responses

Restore inner strength and tenacity

By increasing resilience and integrating the excess charge of intense unresolved emotions from stressful and traumatic memories, you no longer feel overwhelmed

Improve self confidence and body awareness

By addressing the root of the problem, you can resolve internal conflicts regarding self-worth and self-acceptance that cause negative self-talk

Resolve gut-brain imbalance and panic attacks

Retore vagus nerve tone and resolve related body symtoms

Resolve anger, rage, guilt and shame

Powerful deep seeded healing so that you no longer need to focus your energy on coping mechanisms and affirmations
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Results don't wear off, because you're not targeting symptoms or chemical imbalances.

You're allowing yourself to heal, deeply.

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95% of our clients report feeling better after their first treatment

98% of our clients report feeling better 12 months after therapy

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SLIP™ is An Inclusive Therapeutic Modality

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We are proud to treat patients from every community:

  • Social
  • Economic
  • Education
  • Political
  • Military
  • Ethinicity
  • Religion
  • Orientation

Our only concern is helping your nervous system become more balanced.

We offer nonmedicated sessions for people under 21 years of age.

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The cannabis experience is different when paired with a SLIP™ session.

Cannabis is incredibly healing. It works via receptors throughout your body, involving almost all your organs including the central nervous system, the peripheral nervous system, and in areas that process memory, survival reflexes, emotions and thinking.  It is because of these unique qualities, that cannaibis is so ideal as a therapy ally. It decreases the fear response, and is helpful when processing difficult memories.
  • Cannabis is a psychedelic chameleon, taking on different qualities during therapy depending on your needs
  • Unlike the more restriced psychedlics like MDMA, psilocybin, and others, cannabis is increasingly socially accepted, and data from states that have legalized its use are very supportive of it's value in human health. We find that during the first couple of sessions, while you adjust to working deeply in the subconscious, cannabis can feel more potent and effects last slightly longer.
  • The main difference in therapy using cannabis as a psychedelic, or other psychedelics, is that other psychedelics have effects that last 6 hours or longer, and can leave you unable to gather your wits.  We enjoy working with cannabis because of it's flexibility, effectiveness, and the fact that your cognitive function though impaired, is not knocked out. This allows us to have interactive (virtual) sessions that achieve rapid nervous system improvements.
  • Many clients feel like they don't need to use as much medical cannabis after a series of treatments, because their symptoms have resolved (they appreciated saving the money)
  • More studies are needed to elucidate the details of how cannabis works in psychedelic therapy.  We are happy to be planning some incredible studies.

We choose not to use the term "mental health care."

The old paradigm of mental health care leaves people feeling stereotyped, frustrated, marginalized, overmedicated, burdened with side effects, and often resorting to other methods to achieve any level of symptom relief.  SLIP™ is definitely not that.

Our clients describe feeling more emotionally supported as they learn how their nervous systems work, and as the healing process unfolds.

Cannabis and
Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Cannabis and ketamine are used because they are highly effective and legally available, they have a short duration, and when combined with SLIP™ they achieve results as good as other psychedelics. 

Both cannabais and ketamine create a dream like state where the intrusive verbal, logical, controlling part of the brain can become more quiescent, and deeper subconscious emotional wounds can heal and be integrated, relieving their intense charge.

"The best therapy for PTSD, depression and anxiety."

Our patients consistently and enthusiastically describe making more progress during their first SLIP™ session, than they have after years of talk therapy, CBT, EMDR, and typical mental health medications.

Some have tried other psychedelics, and ketamine without therapy, but remained bothered by their deep emotional wounds. Even these cases were dramatically improved by SLIP™.

Considering a Sitter?

Some people have tried psychedelics with a sitter. Most sitters work with federally illegal substances, have no harm reduction training, and don't understand the nuances of how the nervous system works to optimally guide people to emotional wellness. Why risk jail time and reputation loss to feel better and still be inadequately treated? Not to mention the abuses that often occur in the unregulated underground psychedelic scene.

Do you Qualify?

Clients in Utah must have an active medical cannabis card, a qualifying condition, medical clearance, and access to the internet. In California, clients do not need a medical card. 

Will SLIP™ Work for You?

We work with the root causes of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and dissociation, so the emotional dysregulation that  causes negative self talk and chaos in your relationships can be resolved. Take the quiz below and see how your score.
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Not in CA or UT?

If you live outside of CA or UT and have a therapist that is open to transformative cutting edge therapy, refer them to our program. Become and affilitate, and earn a commission when they enroll in our interactive experiential training program.

Support Between Sessions

To maximize your progress, use our SLIP™ MindFlow Healing & Peak Performance course/app to support healthy changes in your nervous system and maximal healing.

Get started with daily exercises or a session.

Watch as the ripple effect positively impacts those around you.

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SLIP™ MindFlow Healing & Peak Performance Exercises

Exercises to help remove blocks and achieve improved emotional balance, resiience, and peak performance.

SLIP™ MindFlow Therapy

Learn to heal your deep emotional wounds, negative self talk, and traumatic triggers while building resilience and relational safety

Our vision is to provide opportunities.

Become an Affiliate

Our Doctor.

Mignon Walker MD

Course Director

Stanford University School of Medicine
USC Keck Family Practice
Founder, SLIP™ Flow Therapy Institute

What I love the most about the work I do, is the powerful transformative nature of the therapy. As clients achieve greater emotional balance and resilience, there is a ripple affect throughout their lives touching all the people in their sphere of connection. As they become more self-confident, self-supportive, and self-determined, they move toward their personal potential without conflict, and while experiencing deep levels of joy and satisfaction.

Each person I have had the pleasure of working with has had such a unique nervous system, and it is incredible to watch them progress through their most unimaginable challenges and emotional blocks to find peace and happiness inside. It's a life changing experience to gently hold space for someone who suffers from a wounded emotional system as they increase their resilience, and integrate their traumas. I think it is the most satisfying work I have ever done. That's saying a lot, considering I haven't been as excited about work since I was training to be a surgeon years ago. And what blows my mind, is that this work is often much more impactful.

I regularly witness generational traumas heal, people becoming emotionally present and loving partners and parents, and young people gaining confidence, clarity, and self compassion that will carry them far in life on a more enjoyable path. Every day I am surprised by how much progress my clients make, and how quickly it happens. People share a lot of firsts with me: first time feeling happy...ever; feeling hopeful enough to start a family...for the first time; being able to gather as a family for dinner and have peace for the first time in a long time; the first time knowing what they want to do in life; and, the first time not having negative self talk. Because of the transformational results for clients and therapists alike, this is highly satisfying work for people attracted to the healing arts.

My mission is to share this experience with as many therapists as I can so that they can help as many people as they can, ultimately positively impacting global emotional wellness. And I want to support them as they do so by helping them become more resilient, balanced, and connected in a community of therapists and prescribers sharing the same passion for emotional wellness. I believe this is how we as individuatls can make a significant change, and I'm glad to be a part of it.

I've honestly come full circle. 2 years ago I would have refused to consider psychedelic therapy as an option for my clients. However, based on the incredible results my clients consistently achieve, I am excited to work with legal psychedelic medicines like ketamine and cannabis because of how much more effective they are than traditional interventions. The are well tolerated and don't lead to addiction, in fact, just the opposite.

If you are interested in receiving a session or in training with the SLIP™ Flow Therapy Institute, please choose a button below. I read through all of the requests and will respond to you personally.
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